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Have you tried time and again to eat well and exercise without seeing the results you desire? If you have problem areas such as love handles and excess fat on the abdomen that are resistant to diet and exercise, the SculpSure laser can treat these problem areas. This non-invasive treatment for fat reduction can remove up to 24% of treated fat cells1 in areas of stubborn fat without the need for surgery. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, but just aren’t seeing results, it might be time to transform your body with SculpSure fat reduction treatments!

How Does Laser Body Contouring Work?

SculpSure laser treatments use a light-based energy laser which has a 1060nm wavelength that is designed to reduce fat in areas such as the abdomen and waistline. This body sculpting laser has four applicators which can be placed anywhere on the flanks and abdomen. Since this procedure is so versatile, it can be completely customized to fit each patients’ individual needs. The applicators use light energy to target and treat fat cells, which are then naturally expelled through your body’s natural processes in the few weeks following treatment. Laser body contouring treatments deliver heat below the surface of the skin to destroy fat cells while constant cooling technology makes the procedure more comfortable for the patient. SculpSure treatments are safe for most skin types and can provide lasting results.

Sculpsure body contouring

What to Expect During SculpSure Treatments

A single body sculpting procedure with the SculpSure takes less than 30 minutes and can treat multiple areas at the same time. While individual results may vary, many patients being to see results 6 weeks following treatment, with best results seen after 12 weeks. There may be a slight tingling sensation felt during SculpSure treatment, but is well-tolerated2 by most patients. Body contouring treatments have few side effects, which usually include mild swelling, tenderness, and some redness. That being said, most patients can return to their regular routines following this procedure without any downtime.


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* results may vary


*results may vary


1 Average reduction in fat volume following single treatment as measured by MRI; Clinical and Histological Evaluations of a 1060nm Laser Device for Non-Invasive Fat Reduction, John W. Decorato, M.D., FACS. Rafael Sierra, Ph.D., Bo Chen, Ph.D., Westford, MA, 2014.


2 Average patient discomfort rating of 3.7 on a scale of 1-10; Bass L, Doherty S. Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Of The Abdomen With A 1060nm Diode Laser. Paper presented at: 2015 Annual American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Conference; April 22-26; Kissimmee, FL.

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