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What are Patients Saying?

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"Still loving Vaneity! I started at 215 lbs, a year later I'm at 154. I owe it all to Fabian and the girls! I used a combination of the LipoMax shots, b-12, and the appetite suppressants. After the LipoMax shots, I can literally feel the fat melting off my body. The appetite suppressants are the best, though. No cravings at all! Vaneity has really changed my life, inside and out. Don't miss out! Thank you Fabian and the girls for everything."**

-Nicolette S.

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"I have been coming here for about three months and all I have to say is positive things. The place is really clean and modern, the staff is great, and the products work! The support you receive at Vaneity is amazing, even on your bad weeks they continue to encourage you and provide you with tips as to how to continue your weight loss journey without giving up.


I strongly recommend Vaneity to anyone who is thinking or even contemplating on losing weight. I live in Orange County and definitely think they're worth the drive!!"*


Maribel G.

"I love this place! It takes me an hour to get there, but it is definitely worth it. It is always clean and the staff is great.


I started coming here last year and lost 25 pounds! Which I accomplished by calorie counting and getting the B12 & Lipo with Vitamin C shots. I did not even need to take the appetite suppressants at the time.


I have been slacking since then, but I have been able to maintain the weight loss. I am actually going to start coming again this weekend and I am looking forward to losing more weight. This time around I am going to use the appetite suppressants + the shots and exercise to reach my goals."*


Noelle E.

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"This review is LONG OVERDUE. So many people have written such eloquent reviews. All I can say, is this program ABSOLUTELY WORKS! Don't hesitate to join, just do it. If you want to make a change, and stop feeling "overweight" just join! Do it sooner than later, or you'll wish you would have started three months ago. And when you start getting really thin, don't let the haters discourage you-- keep going . Basically, try to make better eating choices, my fitness pal totally makes a difference. Get up and take a walk 3 days a week and the program melts the fat off for you. You won't regret how happy you feel once you see the results! At least 10 people have joined since I finished, and every one of them is happy with the results. It's not a coincidence this is a 5 star establishment.*

-Frankee T.

before and after weight loss

I was a bit iffy about coming to a place like this at first, but since my brother referred me and guaranteed weight loss due to his experience, I had to give a shot, and today I am so happy with the results. I've tried other things to lose weight, but no good results, but Vaneity is the place. I've lost around 40lbs+ and feel much better. I believe that I will get to my goal in no time with Vaneity's help. I highly recommend this place if you are serious about losing weight. My recommendation is to start with the VIP package. Pay extra for the Lipomax, you won't regret it. Stay healthy my friends.*


Mario C.

"After seeing the reviews, plus having some weight to get rid of....I decided to stop in. I was greeted, filled out a quick application, medical history and so on. I tried the Bontril for a week since my blood pressure was high. I came back after the week and tried 1 week of Phentermine. In 1 week, I lost 10 pounds! I'm now a regular customer and I have to thank Vaneity for helping me gain my confidence and self esteem! Thanks for helping me get my body back!*

-Rafael C.

before and after weight loss

*Individual Results May Vary

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